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This young man deserves to have a 2nd Chance.  Please read these Letters From Christopher, so that you may see things from his perspective.   

Letters From Christopher

To be a voice for the confined; a liaison for families, as we advocate for second chances.  To be a map to the opportunity to erase recidivism, one case at a time, as we Change Lives for the better!.

We make the decision to Spotlight a case that we feel was unjustly determined, and therefore deserves to have a ​little light shine on it.  We shine this light in hopes of giving the individual(s) involved a fair opportunity to have their case heard again...An opportunity for others to see what we see, so that just maybe a 2nd Chance will be given for true justice!


His name is Christopher Adam Charles Emmanuel

It's about doing the right thing, and whenever you see the need for correction you should get involved to help make that positive difference!  Join us today!

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Marci Anderson Thrasher



For Their Future

Can you imagine, while under the legal age of 21, being harshly sentenced to serve 40 years in prison for a crime that someone else committed?  Then to learn that the person who committed the crime served zero time, none at all, for the crime???   Well, that's what happened to Christopher!

In light of this, Christopher has not given up, and has made phenomenal strides while incarcerated!

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