2nd Chance At Life

Christopher's Praiseworthy Accomplishments:
Even in the face of adversity, with the odds stacked against him, Christopher applied himself; determined to improve and show growth.

  • He enrolled in college and successfully attained an associate's degree
  • He went on to spend his time motivating and encouraging other inmates to strive for more and apply themselves; even through the most difficult circumstances
  • Christopher persevered taught to create a vehicle through which he could teach others to make better choices, and prevent them from going down the same path that he has had to endure, by writing the book "1 decision."  
  • This book, written by Christopher, is currently being used in a youth first offender program in Atlanta, GA called "My Life Matters," requiring participants to write book reports on its content.  "1Decision is being well received by students and administrators," stated Dr. Warner, an Inman Middle School teacher and 1 Decision facilitator. "However if only one student begins making better choices in their life as a result of 1 Decision, then we feel our mission was accomplished." 
  • The 1 Decision presentations have been running for about 3 years now It has been presented to 10 classes at 5 different middle schools, so far, in Fulton County, GA. The most recent presentation was done on January 18, 2017, at Brown Middle School.