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Executive Director of Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles proclaims that "Inmates have a right to earn their way out of prison." 

The Macon Telegraph reported on November 3rd 2016 as an inmate was being released on early parole that "Chris Barnett, executive director of the board, said inmates have a right to earn their way out of prison."

A clear distinction is made here, and that is inmates have a RIGHT and not a privilege. 

Chris Barnett further clarifies how a way out of prison is earned by saying, "The board is looking for those who take advantage of their opportunities to better themselves and become productive residents."

Marci  Anderson Thrasher


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Spotlight program

Our Spotlight Program seeks to have attorney's who are willing to look at the cases that are spotlighted, to help us move forward in seeking a 2nd chance for individuals who have been incarcerated while under the legal age of 21.

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